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The new Global Markets Research website has just been launched for the bank’s client base. From now on, clients will have the advantage of a single portal to access the full array of our research publications. Rapid and energy-efficient, this portal gives non-stop access to the latest publications written by the team. You can also find a comprehensive range of publications by expertise and asset class, including credit, equities, economics, rates & forex, commodities, investment strategies and Cross-expertise.
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As a major player in the European equity derivatives market, Natixis offers its clients recognised expertise based on more than 15 years’ experience and:

• Trading capability on a global scale
• Comprehensive execution services: from hedging to Best Execution





The Equity Markets Sales and Research teams provide our Institutional Investor Clients with investment decision-making support based on comprehensive research products ranging from fundamental to derivative products. Clients can also attend choice marketing events (analyst and corporate road shows, thematic conferences, Investor Relations seminars, etc.).




Natixis’s financial engineering teams offer global structured solutions that span the entire spectrum of risk/return profiles (capital guarantee/protection, leverage effect, Delta One, coupons, excess returns, etc.) and a wide range of vehicles (OTC contracts, securities, undertakings for collective investment, etc.). The bank notably designs hedging and investment products, equity financing solutions, and other products.


Natixis offers a comprehensive range of solutions and expert services for equity markets, with in-house expertise in all areas and access to markets across the globe.

The Equity Markets teams are part of the Corporate & Investment Banking arm of Natixis, a subsidiary of the BPCE Group, the second largest bank in France.


Natixis is an international player offering its clients global geographic coverage along with expertise in local equity markets.
Preferred access to local equity markets
• Member of 11 stock exchanges
• More than 2,000 shares and 50 indices and ETFs in a portfolio spanning 45 countries (mature and emerging markets)
• Transactions conducted in 18 industrial sectors and five asset classes
Three regional platforms with dedicated resources:
•New York: trading, sales and research
•Europe (Paris/London): trading, sales, research and engineering
•Hong Kong: trading, sales and engineering


Equity Markets is present in Europe, in Asia and North America.

Natixis, Paris
47, Quai d'Austerlitz
75013 Paris
Phone: +33 1 58 55 90 74

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Natixis was rewarded on the quality of its offer in structured products, following the survey of more than 1,000 buy-side clients in Europe in 2012 by Retail Structured Products Europe.* Natixis was ranked no. 3 Best Broker in the “Extel survey Grands Prix de l’Analyse Financière Agefi-Extel 2012”**. The Equity Markets division also won a number of awards in the Extel Europe 2012 European Equity rankings***: ranked no. 2 for specialisms, no. 4 for French Equity and no. 6 for SRI and Convertible Bonds.
* Structured Retail Products.com, Europe Structured Products Awards 2012
** Source : Agefi
*** Thomson Extel Survey 2012


We are a major player in the securities lending market, and our equity finance and Delta One offering spans the entire product range. In addition to ordinary security lending and borrowing services, we offer solutions that optimise returns:
• Customised long-term financing solutions
• Short-term financing
• Optimisation of returns


The investment solutions Natixis offers in equity markets span all risk/return profiles (capital guarantee, leverage, etc.) and address investors’ specific needs:
• Short-term and cash management products
• Alpha strategies
• LDI (liability-backed) based on hybrid pay-outs
• Equity Structured products (notes, funds) The NXS SHARPe range involves tactical allocation to dynamically reduce market risk exposure during times of aversion thanks to a risk perception model. Natixis also offers cash management and short-term products (guaranteed capital, guaranteed minimum returns, etc.)


With their technical expertise and responsiveness, Natixis teams offer solutions that are adapted to client risk management, with a comprehensive range of hedging products covering a wide range of undelryings and vehicles:
• Portfolio hedging
• Stock-option programmes
• Financed/non-financed solutions

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